campionato giapponese di paramotore 26-27-28 marzo 2004 stato vinto da Rioja Igarashi su paramotore LOGO.gif (14500 byte) con motore costruiti da PER IL VOLO, secondo classificato J. Kaneko su PAP 1400 con motore .

Hi Diego,

I won the Japanese championship.
I used Miniplane and Action.
I appreciate Diego.

Thank you very much.

And Kaneko was 2 prizes.
He used PAP1400TDL and Action.

 On March 26,27,28 2003  near Tokyo.

I won the championship with MINIPLANE M used in England with the Japanese championship.

A task is set time in 75km triangle course.

Then, it was a target game.

Because it is light, a total balance of MINIPLANE is very good.

The livability of the harness is good, a thing during the long flight can be done easily.

Stability is high because harness absorbs a shake during the flight.
Accurate operation can be done by the thrust which became stable, and the small reversal torque.
It is easy to do inflation and the target

Thank you Diego, PER IL VOLO

Ryoya I.



Japan 2000

1rst Ramon morillas


Japan 2006

2nd Ryoya Igarashi