Celje 30-5 to 1-6 2003


position pilot paramotor glider engine
1 IGOR MARENTIC PAP 1400 swing astral 3

IGOR wrote :

Diego hello

 Well, weather was beautifule. We hade six (6) diferent tasks, similary like in Hungarya last year : fast and slow, clean economy ( with one liter ), rout, clean take of and preciseness landing on a point, distance with two liters, and the best one was slalom.The rools was the similary like in Hungarya, only on a rout we hade only one door and we had to made a photos of markers. Each day we had two tasks. It was sixsteen (16) kompetitours.

The third place was pilot with Simonini engine (made in Chek republic), the second was pilot with Solo engine, and first was me (P.A.P. TOP 80). This is my third title Slovenian champion. Well, thats it.

 best regards